Underfloor Heating: Advantages And Disadvantages

As the cold approaches, we feel the need for heating and we begin to get cold sweats just thinking about the rise in the electricity bill. Some heating systems have a high economic cost that is usually accompanied by low energy efficiency.

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How To Make An Ecological Home

The home will be the safe harbor of every family, and choosing it is an important task. That is why an ecological home can be the best choice and how to make it. Choosing a home to live is not a recent business: it will be your “nest,” your safe…

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How To Isolate The Roof And Save

How to isolate the roof to save and live better? This fundamental part of the building is also important for thermal insulation, both from heat and from cold weather. In winter, an uncooled roof disperses the heat of the house, while in summer, it turns it into an invisible oven….

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Ecological Home: How To Build An Eco-Friendly Home

Building an environmentally friendly, eco-friendly home improves our lives and decreases our negative impact on the environment. An eco-friendly home is by definition a home designed, built and furnished in such a way that it prefers the choice of natural materials, energy efficiency, reduced energy consumption, the use of renewable…

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How to save on bills: the tricks to cut expenses

Are the bills of light always too salty? You’re probably doing something wrong with using home appliances. Follow these tips and you could greatly reduce the cost of electricity. As? Appliances: when to use them to save money If you have a two-hour energy contract, perhaps you do not know…

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Save on electricity and gas: isolating our home

Isolating the walls, ceilings and windows of our home is an important investment, but in the long term it allows us a very pleasant saving in electricity and gas. Currently, the electric sector is not living its best moment and the constant turnover changes are increasingly worrying families. Therefore, if…

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How to better isolate ceilings and have a cooler house

Some options to increase the insulation in covers already built of sheet metal, roof tiles and roofs (passable or not), without disassembling or demolishing. When the sun squeezes, a roof can be converted into a giant radiator, literally, and the expenditure of energy for cooling or heating is triggered. Improve…

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Between 7 and 20% of thermal losses are done by the basement. Good insulation allows a reduction of thermal shock, a lower rate of humidity, a comfort that keeps the heat in winter and freshness in summer but also a saving on your energy bills. How to isolate your basement?…

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